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Yellow Stars by Lee Thacker



Lee Thacker was kind enough to send along a copy of his latest work, Yellow Stars. The 48 page work addresses the Holocaust through words and pictures, and features 16 black and white drawings of Jewish celebrities alongside text pertaining to the Holocaust.

Lee writes in the introduction: "This book is the final draft of many ideas I'd had since reading Dave Sim's 'challenge' in his Judenhass book – that every creative person should create at least one piece of work addressing the Shoah – the preferred Judaic term for the Holocaust – at some point in his or her life."

You can preview and order a copy of Yellow Stars from Lulu by clicking through the cover. A large selection of his other works are available here.


From the Desk of Jean Shuster-Peavy



Jean Shuster Peavy is the sister of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster. She was sent an advance copy of Judenhass, and along with supplying a pull quote, she added a very thoughtful response. She was kind enough to allow us to share this letter, which can be read by clicking on her photo to the left.

One of the more honorable tributes to Mr. Shuster's legacy is the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Awards, who haved honored Dave Sim's work. You can find out more about them by clicking the logo below.

Nathan Cooper - A Holocaust Memoir

In 1995, Nathan Cooper documented his experiences as a teenager growing up in Poland during World War II. While Mr. Cooper's English is halting, this memoir is a direct account refreshingly absent of any editorial interference whatsoever.

This memoir comes to us courtesy of his sons Leonard and Mark. We're honored to be able to present it to the public, and hope the site's visitors will spare the time to read it.



172 KB PDF
memoir © 2008 Estate of Nathan Cooper

Dave Sim Bible Readings

Judges 1-5

Dave has a series of DVD's available titled "No Preaching" which are straight readings of scripture with no commentary. These DVD's are available intermittently on eBay, and Dave's proceeds benefit the Food Bank of Waterloo.