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Holocaust Chronincle

The Holocaust Chronicle

768 page hardcover. Publications International Lincolnwood, Illinois, 2001 ISBN: 0785329633

Dave writes in the bibliography: "Most of the facts cited in Judenhass are taken from The Holocaust Chronicle – the most exhaustive and comprehensive record of the Shoah which I was able to find and which included a year-by-year series of sidebars documenting the descent into the maelstrom."


Dave Sim


Judenhass is written, drawn, and published by Dave Sim. Dave is the author (along with his creative and business partner of 20 years, Gerhard, who drew backgrounds) of the 6,000 page graphic novel Cerebus. Originally serialized over 300 issues from 1977 through 2004, Cerebus is currently available collected in 16 volumes which are always in print and are available from better comic stores everywhere.

Dave Sim is Canada's most decorated Graphic novelist. His awards include two Kirby's, two Harvey's, an Eisner, a Diamond Gemmie, an Ignatz Award, A Joe Shuster Award, The Joe Shuster Hall of Fame, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Defender of Liberty, S.P.A.C.E. Lifetime Achievement, and the Inkpot.

Dave is a pioneer in the self publishing and small press movements within the comics industry. He is an active supporter of creator's rights and has continued to show generosity and support to fellow cartoonists from seasoned professionals to amateurs and hobbyists.

Dave Sim is Canadian born and has been a resident of Kitchener, Ontario since the age of two.

A MOMENT OF CEREBUS would be the best way to keep up to date on what Dave Sim is up to.



Phantom Projector

Lou Copeland is credited with Digital Production as well as Research Assistance on the book Judenhass, and also created this website with input and contributions from Dave.

Thanks to, Sandeep Atwal who scanned a large percentage of Dave's original art for Judenhass, and David G.Fisher who photographed Dave for this site, as well as Jeff Tundis, who did some work for a previous version of this site.


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is dedicated to to defending the First Amendment rights of comics artists, publishers and retailers.
The Hero Initiative, formerly known as A Commitment To Our Roots (ACTOR) Comic Fund, is a non profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators with emergency medical aid, financial support for life essentials, and an avenue back into employment.