The method of creating finished pages of art for Judenhass was generated in a way that was a departure from how most comic pages are drawn. Dave, as well as the rest of the comics industry in general, usually complete pages with panel borders, lettered captions, word balloons, and each individual panel rendered on the board in the same manner that it appears in print. For Judenhass the artwork adhered to more conventional illustration work in that it consisted of stand-alone images such as the prisoner that appears below which were later digitally composited into a finished page. While what appeared on the finished board may have differed, his general approach to capturing a photorealistic drawing is the same which he used from time to time in the latter issues of Cerebus, and which he also employs on his ongoing new series Glamourpuss.

Several of his illustrations were the same image drawn at three different levels such as "wide," "close-up," and "extreme close-up." This was done to keep the finished book from looking overly sampled, as well as to avoid having the "zoomed in" images appear too pixilated. Click on the frames below to browse the three stages of developement of several of Dave's illustrations for Judenhass – reference photo, tracing paper drawing, and finished illustration.



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